Chapter 1 -A Transfer?

A Transfer?


“Huh? Where…. what?…..”

The ten seconds of being in a frozen stupor was understandable. What followed next for Bai Feng was also within reason. First came the screams.

“Ahhhhhhh! &^%$! What the S&^%$$!”

It went from silence to a blaring crescendo, finally ending in high-pitched squeals like a little girl confronting her first cockroach. Some time during this his body was jumping off the ragged cloths that served as a bed. After that was the flaying and twisting that would make any epileptic virus seizure proud.

” S^%$! Calm down, breathe, thats it breathe…. ok ok ok lets figure this out.”

Maybe due to the quick movements, stifled breaths, or plain shock Bai Feng collapsed onto the ragged bed. Luckily underneath those rags were normal soil so he was not injured in any way. It would not be best for others to see him as this position was definitely be unsightly. His head was buried in the rags while his ass reached for the skies supported by his knees.

With a groan, he finally collected himself and moved to a sitting position.

He began to start sorting his jumbled memories, with the realization that some were not his. Half an hour later he gave out a long and heavy sigh.


Gone was his twenty plus years of living with his family in a technology riddled earth. Hello to a strange world as a lone twelve-year-old kid, living at the hight of poverty in a tech-less world.

He sighed again. He was recently transferred out of the city to a rural province in China to aid in a startup project lasting about five years. After that was finished he was to return home, look for a wife settle down and get some kids to make his older years relaxing.

So much for the general plan.


The kid whose body he now possessed was named Chu. Someone from a common family especially one like him occupying the lowest spot of society didn’t have last names. Only the rich and those in the military were entitled to such privilege. The best a commoner could do was earn some achievement to gain one of the general last names awarded by the provincial leader. That alone was a task.

As he waded through these memories, he tried to gain the answers as to the reasons behind this worlds culture. He huddled up in the coarse rags as the biting cold now became apparent.

Chu, boy(thank god, whichever, whoever that at least I was transferred over to the same-sex. It is very very hard to spend twenty plus years as a male and wake up as a female!)

Twelve plus years old. Body near malnourished state. Previous owner maybe passed on because of that or the cold. The night was far from over so Chu covered himself the best he could to stave off freezing. Since this was now his life, Bai Feng decided to adopt the name Chu.

Huddling up, he scanned the memories to gain a basic understanding of his current position in this world.

Chu is uneducated born into a poor family in Song village. This village one of many scattered around the outer province of the Dana empire. The village borders the Eastern forest serving as a source of fur, firewood and early detection fodder in the event of a demon beast invasion.

The village has just over a thousand residents and is surrounded by a wooden palisade to keep beast and bandits out alike. The winters are deadly cold with blizzards being fierce and unexpected. It is now the end of autumn and within the next few weeks winter is expected with the first snow fall.

Chu sighed and rubbed his hands under the hole filled covers resembling swiss cheese.

Being a son in a small village family is a plus since it means another breadwinner is around to share the workload. His father was a woodsman who made his living selling firewood to villagers and the trading post. By the time Chu was eight he was already venturing along to the forest. His family was small with his parents and two sisters.

There is nothing like child labor or the like in this world. To survive one must find some means, especially in such a rural and dangerous place. Romatisizing about such things here can get you killed.

During the winter of last year, his father was injured by a demon beast attack. After that their earnings dropped like a stone. Harsh situations lead to harsh measures. To cut cost the family was forced to consider selling his younger sister into slavery. In the minds of uneducated people, this was a widespread and normal thing.

Chu rebelled and left home to save his family such a tragic fate. He moved to the slum area outside the village walls and worked as a loader carrying firewood from the forest to the village. The little money was sent to his family.

The past Chu had a kind heart for his family. BUT man was he an idiot!…

How can someone dealing in firewood not even have the common sense to prepare for winter?

Everything in his memories are from gossiping or listening. It was by mere luck he even knew the name of the country he was in. As far as how far technology on the outside, magic cultivation or all such methods that are usually mentioned in stories?

The poor guy couldn’t read or write and didn’t have money to buy his own axe to chop firewood. He was relegated to being a loader. What the ^%$# would you expect from one scrunting to make a living.

All kinds of plans and counter plans began forming in his head. Some were rejected with speed. Given his current situation the best plan need was to survive. Food, clothes, shelter to be secured. After that would be information on this place.

Chu rubbed his hands and feet. Like it or not, this was his life now and unless he decided to kill himself to chance a return to earth. He was stuck here.

What a transfer!

Chu woke up at dawn. Even though he had the memories of the past body’s owner, it would be his first time venturing into this world. Just the thought of this made his mind falter between fear and excitement. Rubbing his limbs and shaking his arms to ward of the numbness and cold, he sat up while covering himself like a cloak under the rag bedding.

The sunlight came streaming in through numerous cracks between the boards and the tatched roof. His present dwelling was a simple six by six foot square hut supported by rough cut branches and boards. The roof was made of smaller branches that supported some straw and twigs to keep out the sun. Judging from the numerous rays and dots piercing through, it seems that during rain one needed to find an optimal place between leaks.

Besides the rags on the bare ground, one corner had an old patched cloak hanging along with a shirt and pants. A rough staff used for support was beside a pair of worn boots. Another end had some stones with a blackened pot resting on them. That was the kitchen area, complete with a small knife spoon and a copper colored mug.

The door was some boards tied together with vines that could be simply moved to one side to open the entrance. As he looked around the entire structure was flimsy held together by strings and vines. Under a hard breeze this thing had one hundred percent chance of collapsing. Scanning his memories it seems that it happened a couple times in the past.

“Hahahahaha! OH my f%$# god!”

If anyone looked at the scene they would find a malnorished thin child partly covered laughing with tears streaming down his face pummeling the ground with his little fist.


Chu finally settled down taking some deep breaths. ‘Damn, this is freaking unbelivable.’ Anything less and I may just sit down and wait to die. Maybe he would really be transferred back from this nightmare.

He got up and stepped across to the ‘kitchen’ the little pot had some cold water mixed in with some roots. This was supposed to be a gruel but it turned out to be flavored water. It was also his everyday breakfast. One cup in the morning and another in the evening. The taste was hell, it was like drinking down vinegar.

With that bitter liquid warming him up by burning the life out of his digestive system, it was time to get ready for work. This time however he kept the thin pants and shirt that he slept with on, while bundling himself into a shirt and pants covered by the patched cloak. By the time he was covered someone banged on his door, making him jump and fearful this shack would fall over.

“Chu, Hey get up!”

The loud voice and banging continued until he yelled an answer. Grabbing his staff he pushed the makeshift door out and slide it to the side. It would be his first time entering into this strange world.


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