The Red Lands -Chapter 50

I have done it. It has taken me some years to complete but I have finally completed my story with fifty chapters. I thank the readers who have supported me through comments and healthy criticisms. Without you I may have well me talking and narrating the story to myself. This has also coincided with my … Continue reading The Red Lands -Chapter 50

The Red Lands Chapter 49

I am trying to reach my first 50 chapters. These few chapters are what us connoisseur Readers might call filler chapters. These chapters bring the story back from some exciting events to a normal lull. They may or may not contain some information that might be relevant further on. Consider this as a bonus chapter. … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 49

Site Update

This is in response to the Readers who have sent emails. I first of all thank you for continuing to read and follow the story. It shows I am on the right track and my writing is not a total abject failure. This in in relation to the ads on my Blog. I only get … Continue reading Site Update

The Red Lands Chapter 48

Chapter 48 was out since early this morning. Unfortunately it was not linked. If any readers were out checking the website and did not find it, please, please let me know. I want to set up the blog to schedule the pages when I cannot get online. Thanks for the readers who take time to … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 48


I have signed up to run ads on my website. I will try to limit them so they should not slow the loading of the pages or clutter the readers devices. I think the amount I current am running on the pages should be sufficient. Please refrain from excessive clicking on those ads otherwise I … Continue reading Update