The Red Lands Chapter 27

Horror movies have always been a bane of mine. Ever since I was a child and I woke up at midnight to see the Stephen King’s novel based movie “IT” I was scarred for life.

Maybe it was due to the major reason that s$#@! could happen to me. Nothing could convince me otherwise, I was still a small kid not even in my teens.

Only when I was older did the movies make sense and I laughed throwing out terms like

“Oh, why did you guys split up. That’s so cliché”

“That person is gonna get it, it’s always the loners and ignorant couples first.”

But as a child I would never have thought up any of those things. I was just to scared.

I just want to remind the readers that somewhere down the road of our lives we were all scared of something; vampire, bogeyman, dentist or boss. There was always somebody wearing that devil and pitchfork costume.

In the end, it was not difficult to transfer that fear to something else.

An Ignorant Fool makes for a Dangerous Adversary.