The Darkness Falls -Chapter 1

Lightning and Thunder flashed and rumbled around the lone peak of Mount Tian. The black storm clouds swirled around like a hurricane with no eye. The center of this world shattering storm was this Mountain, the highest and mightiest in all the seven continents.

To be more specific in fact, the center was the lone person siting and meditating under this fierce and roaring disaster. This person was calm as he sat on the highest rock surrounded by snow and debris that whipped around and below from those massive ten meter width lightning strikes.

In the eyes of any of this world’s formidable Saints and Emperors, this was the person standing at the top.

This was the Sky-Saint Zhang Mu.

Now having reached the apex of cultivation after three thousand years, it was time to make the final step.

The step into immortality.

As a rogue cultivator, Zhang Mu overthrew the shackles of his fate and survived countless ordeals and battles to stand at the apex of this world. A Sky-Saint.

No cultivator was a saint. Like all the others before and after him, he was bathed in the blood of countless enemies and adversaries. In the race for resources and materials to break into the higher levels, the evil nature of persons became apparent.

To the inhabitants of this world that survived through their pitiful lifespan of a mere hundred years, the legends of saints defeating demons and beast were enough to give them an emperors welcome into cities and palaces. There, the names and achievements were sung in ballads and recorded in the annals of history.

Within the circles of the cultivation sects who strive to understand the great dao and the secrets of the universe, that also gave them the minor perk of being able to live for hundreds of extra years. Of course this added perk was soon the most important, the Dao was just the path for a long life.

Thus the path of cultivation became the race to immortality. It also opened the eyes of many cultivators. If you want to live to understand the Dao, you need to start looking for resources. Soon enough the resources for those at the higher levels became scarce. Then the wars between the sects began.

All this grinded to a halt in the last five hundred years. This was because the first saint on the planet was none other than Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu obtained the title from the common folk, humans, demons, orcs and the like as the first under heaven. He was the saint who stopped all wars between the mighty ancestors that once smashed cities and scorched the lands. He was the bringer of peace.

Unfortunately the cultivation world knew his true personality. A demon in human form, a human in demon form. He butchered all the mightest leaders of the sects and forced all into submission and demanded retribution in the form of resources.

Even when others became saints through hard work and genius abilities, this monster was always a far step ahead because of his immense feeding of resources. Thus the two-faced Zhang Mu was born. One of the great hero’s of the common folk and the devil incarnate of the human race.

Now this person was one step in achieving the impossible.


The heavens ripped apart and the void of the universe descended. As the lone figure opened his eyes the smashing of a thousand bells rang out.

Zhang Mu had ascended!