The Darkness Falls -Chapter 3

In a classroom a lone teenager was seated in the near middle of the empty room. In the front an old man with spectacles was pouring over a newspaper checking lottery numbers. Like most teachers, Mr Clark was trying to pursue a way out from this hell. He was banking on the lottery more than his pension.

He glanced at the teen who was unfortunate to be in detention. The boy was not exhibiting the usual tendencies of those who were sent here after school. He was just blankly staring at the white-board. If it wasn’t for his sporadic sighs and thumping of the desk from time to time, he might have thought the kid was in a coma.

The kid in question was none other than Zhang Mu. After some bells that got the rest of the children in a frenzy, the lecture was complete. With no respect to the Master, the ungrateful brats fought to exit the room. Having no idea what to do, he finally decided to follow the flow until he figured out what was happening.

“Mr Kale, where do you think you’re going?”

A wrinkled had rested on his skinny shoulders. Numerous thoughts filled his head.

‘Was this creature prone to feeding after imparting knowledge?’

‘Holy crap! is this the reason all those kids rushed out? Was the last person who remained the sacrifice?’

He unconsciously tried to circulate his Qi in preparation for battle.


‘Am I gonna die here?’

“Follow me young man.”

All Zhang Mu could understand was that somehow his name was Kale. The rest was gibberish. He felt he was like a Dakkar monkey performing tricks. This primitive method was embarrassing for someone of his stature.

‘Me Kale, you…’

All he was missing was a banana and the hollering.

And so Zhang Mu was herded into this room. He saw wonders he had never seen in his long life. What was worse was on the way here he passed by the shiniest mirror he had ever seen. His reflection nearly made him spurt out blood but the succubus in the lead merely urged him to follow quickly.


‘Who the heck was this northern barbarian? He was certainly not him.’ Zhang Mu had the features of a person that hailed from the central plains.

Thus he was sitting on this chair in a daze. Sometimes when he remembered that he, a Sky saint was now in this position the anger made him pound the desk. He was careful not to be overbearing. The new Master was younger but seemed to be of the bird species. On the continent they were savage when provoked. He was sure there were others around, the bird demons usually moved in flocks.

He sighed and calmed himself down. He needed to understand what really happened when he crossed into the void. Maybe this was a test from the Great Dao.

This skinny body was useless. He tried to meditate and found that the Sky Saint scriptures were useless.


Maybe this test of the Great Dao needed him to start at the beginning. All life returns to the point of origin. Such is one of the greatest rules of the Universe, the Dao that is never-ending.

He regulated his breathing and after sorting out the best of the low-level scriptures he began. This place had such a low abundance of Qi it was a shame. The three meridians could be infused if the basics were known. Opening the others would need resources to aid in breaking through to the higher levels.


He thumped the desk in front of him. Nothing less from the greatest Saint of Tian. No matter how weak the Qi was, only him could achieve this breakthrough. The single strand of Qi that circulated in his Dantian nearly made him moan in pleasure.

Now for the next step. He believed that the reason behind not understanding those around him was the simple matter of miscommunication. At this level he could barely make a Voice talisman. This talisman would allow one to understand any language in the universe. It was the main reason that all races could interact with each other in the Tian world.

A dim light formed as he traced the little Qi he had in the air into complex patterns. The resulting talisman formed remained stable and floated before him. Lucky the teacher in front was busy minding his own business.

He grabbed the talisman with his glowing fingers surrounded by Qi and placed it on his forehead. Thoughts that were unrecognizable became clear. He finally made sense of this useless clutter in his mind. Before he could react, the man in front shifted and looked up sniffing the air.

“What the hell is that awful smell?”