Blog Setup

My apologies to the readers who follow this Blog. I was tinkering with the Blog quite often so the loading times may have been affected. I was acting like a kid at Christmas.

Don’t fret, just like that kid, the novelty wears off and then it becomes so, so mundane.

Sorry for any problems, I really do want readers to be visiting my Blog.

A reminder again, please use the likes and follows buttons, they are the crudest method for feedback. Comments are always welcome. If you have a link to other great story content, use the comments to give a brief description and I will post it when I check it out.

Please don’t spam or drop unwanted malware on the site. I want my readers to enjoy a clean story without their PC crashing. Of course after posting this someone is going to get their thrill by doing exactly that.

On a lighter note, ads have been added so feel free to click away at them after reading. A little money can pay for this site upkeep.