The Darkness Falls -Chapter 4

“Yes! Finally I can understand the language of this puny world!”

“Mr Kale, why are you jumping around like that. And what is that awful stench? Wait a minute. What is wrong…”

Zhang Mu calmed himself and gave himself a look-over. The first level in cultivation was called the Gaining Insight. All levels consisted of nine stages, each more radically powerful than the other. This was the reason that although in the later years some genius Saints were born, none could compare to the Sky Saint in power.

This first stage in Gaining Insight was the hardest to achieve and most difficult to breakthrough. If not for the use of medicine and scriptures this could never be achieved by the mere mortals.

Only with the Sky-saints vast knowledge and superior scriptures was this feat accomplished in such low Qi inhabitation. This first level was for cultivators to establish the Qi foundation and clean their meridians slowly as they progressed. This cleaning brought them closer to when they first entered into the universe from the Origin.

A purified body and strong healthy channels were vital to being able to assail the higher levels. On the first stage the body introduces Qi and starts to shed all impurities.

Zhang Mu was now covered in a black mucus from head to toe. In the eyes of the teacher he had just turned from a fair-skinned boy to one just doused in gray black oil paint.

“What the hell happened to you? You got diarrhea or something?”

The boy was literally soaked in some thick black substance from head to foot. Even his clothes appeared drenched like he walked out from a thunderstorm.

“Am sir, is it possible I can go home? I live just down the block.”

“Fine fine, go before you crap yourself some more.”

Zhang Mu sped out the room and down the hall. Memories of this world seem to flow within his head as he grasped at the ones he needed at present. He ran out the school yard and sprinted down the block to his ‘home’. Only when he fumbled for his keys and closed the door behind him did he breathe a sigh of relief.




“I mean crap, crap, crap!!!”

Cursing in two languages he trudged up the stairs into the place known as a bathroom. Shocked at the convenience of hot water coming from a piece of iron, he took a bath.

In a change of clothes he sat in meditation on the ground. He closed the door of his room as a precaution. Clearing his mind and focusing ones thoughts until they materialized was the power of Saints. Even if he lacked the cultivation to achieve certain things, his mind was the mind of a Saint.

He sighed and murmured under his controlled breathing.

“I remember the steps before venturing into the Great Dao. My actions were flawless and the Universe was open for my ascension. But somewhere, something happened that caused the void to transport me into this world. I am trapped within this brat’s body. His mind is gone, only his vague memories remain.

I have no choice. I have to start from scratch and return to the peak of my cultivation. Only then can I assail the Heavens again. This time I will cultivate all the most powerful scriptures that were unavailable to me when I was a poor rogue practitioner.

HAHAHA! The Heavens have blessed me once again. In this world I will be supreme among these roaches!”