The Darkness Chapter 5

“Dave, you little shit! I heard you got detention today. Mom is soooo going to ground your little a%$.”

The front door barely slammed closed when the shouts came from downstairs. Zhang Mu searched through the broken memories to match the face to the voice.

His step sister, a year older than him materialized in his mind. She was undoubtedly home after this thing called cheer-leading practice. They both went to the same high school but their lives were completely the opposite.

Mary Kale was an enigma. She was a straight A student primed for college. She had the brains and the looks to be ranked among the top five girls in the entire school. It didn’t help being in the cheer-leading and swim team either. She was also a volunteer for the Retirement Home in the town. In this neighborhood she was the apple of everyone’s eyes, young and old alike.

 Zhang Mu aka David Kale was a skinny geek attending the same school. Unfortunately he only had the appearance of a geek and not the brains to complement his stature. Thus he was shunned from the two major societal class, the high educated geeks and the strong popular jocks. As an avid loner his routine was school and back. This was to quickly avoid being pounced on by the occupational bullies around the school. Complete with pimples and buttons he was definitely a contender for the least popular spot in school and the neighborhood.

Mary was an angel to everyone except her little brother. She avoided him like a plague in school and was rude to him at home. Part of the reason was that his father married her mother and squandered her money. If that wasn’t enough the bastard died in an accident leaving her mom to shoulder debt that they never knew existed. Apparently David’s dad was a heavy gambler and owed money to some dangerous shady characters in town. Now her mom had to work two jobs, send them to school and pay off these debts.

If that wasn’t enough she caught the scrawny bastard more than once trying to peep at her in the bath. She even caught him rummaging through her underwear draw at one time. He swore he was forced by some jock, but his refusal to stand up and his sissy nature pissed her off. Thus she held a no-nonsense policy when dealing with him. He was just that disgusting.

She was not that narrow-minded to mess with him at school. Her driving motivation was to get a scholarship to a good university and ease the burden on her mom. The faster she achieved her goal of a high paying job, the quicker she could take care of her mother. Whatever happens to that bastard after was none of her concern.

 Zhang Mu gave a wry smile from his cultivation posture. This @#% brat was like an exploding talisman. He just didn’t know where to start to collect the broken pieces. To make matters worse he had to contend with this strange world and restore his cultivation.

“F%$#ing  S^%$!”

He muttered. He needed some time to sort out his thoughts and form a plan.

“Ahhh you pr@k! you just cursed me! I’m going to tell mom on you. You dweeb!”

 Zhang Mu looked up to find his ‘stepsister’ staring back at him in disgust.

What kind of fricking life did I fall into.

I’m the Great Sky-Saint damit!!!