The Red Lands Chapter 37

It is amazing that when you think you are smarter than a person, that person has the same conception just like you.


It’s now been twenty years since that fateful day when Chu tried to convince Griz of a plan to make money. Twenty miserable long years.

At first the man did not believe him but after repeated questionings and adamant guarantees the merchant finally caved in. He had a guard usher the two boys into a room to stay at the lodge. Little did Chu suspect that trusting this man was going to be his biggest mistake.

That day only screams and wails of agony were prevalent from the room. After being tortured viciously in the most barbaric way, the boy finally caved in. From the slurred words mixed with broken teeth and blood that fell from his mouth, he told the truth.

He even spilled the truth about transmigration to this world and possessing the body of a child but the guards simply laughed it off as a child’s fantasy. Leaving him stripped and hung on a rope like a piece of meat they returned to relay the information.

Chu was left to bear the excruciating pain of loosing half his teeth along with numerous slashes across his body. Those knife stabs were either dripping blood or slowly coagulating. No part of his frail body was spared from the attacks and humiliation, none the guards were ruthless and depraved.

Ming was much more fortunate than him.

Because Ming was dead.

A so-called accidental stab had slashed one of his arteries causing him to bleed to death. Chu was now left alone to wallow in his own pains.

After that, the wolf demon was found and Lucy captured and auctioned of as a slave to the highest bidder from a noble family. It didn’t take long for the years of noble ancestry to break her into submission.

The other girls were sold as slaves while Sue was executed for being a run away slave. Clod had the luxury of being the only one to die escape such brutal fate. He was the first to be killed at the barn when a crossbolt pierced his heart.

Chu lived through the ordeal as a cripple.

Griz was promoted as a city manager in the ancient city of Frost. A remarkable achievement for one so young. Of course it did help to know that he had the backing of the crown prince of the Empire, who coincidentally was the only owner of a slave with a rare awakened ancient talisman.

Because of his overflowing gratitude, Griz made Chu a slave within his household. The boys duty was to simply keep a pigsty clean. As an incentive to work harder it doubled as his sleeping quarters.

Whenever Griz went out hunting with the prince and other nobles he would see him toiling in work sometimes with the other servants administering beatings.

This always served to lift up his feelings. On quiet days Griz would sometimes smile as he remembered the day that led to him being this rich and powerful.


Thank you all for reading my short novel. I hope it was a wonderful tale that kept you interested. For further works I will still use the main plot of transmigration.

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