The Darkness Chapter 7

In a small 8 by 8 foot room Zhang Mu sat on the floor in a meditative position. He circulated his Qi as per the scripture. Like an intangible mist the strands moved across his three meridians. On every revolution small threads would be absorbed from the outside of the body and flow in to the meridians.

If his sister were to see him in this darkened room, she would swear he had a faint glow emanating around his body. Fortunately she had no time to bother with such a loser.

After a full eight hours, the mist like strands had become more solid and was as thick as a twine. Considering how limited the Qi was in this world, this was a remarkable achievement. Zhang Mu could only sigh in admiration.

Nothing less from the Heaven’s Gate sect Star Scripture. This was the greatest scripture in all seven continents. It was the oldest and most secretive technique passed down to only those geniuses who appeared every thousand years. This was one of the main reasons the sect was ranked as one of the mightiest.

Unfortunately for them, the sect elders gained the ire of the Sky Saint after refusing to ‘donate’ eighty percent of their resources to him. What made it worse was that they had the gall to do it at a time where they were lacking a sky-saint. On being denied such a paltry tribute the one Sky-Saint was enraged.  Zhang Mu massacred the leaders and high ranking elders until they settled the dispute by offering the scripture.

This was how the cultivation world functioned. If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else. The only difference was that in the Tian world near every major cultivation sect, Human or Demon alike had suffered the wrath of the Sky saint.

Zhang Mu scanned his recently opened inner eye over his body. He was now at the peak level of stage one. Unless he could gain some resources to concoct some pills, he would need an eternity to gather the limited Qi circulating in the world. It may take him years without supplements to begin crossing the stages in just this first level.

Breaking through these sub-stages was heaven defying in itself. Each stage higher literally guaranteed victory over the lower ones. This was the reason Zhang Mu was so unstoppable in the thousand years after entering Saint level.

He glanced at the electrical clock on the small table. Three in the morning. He had cultivated nearly the whole night to stabilized his Qi. He shook his head in amazement as he considered how advanced this world was from his old one.

“What astonishing tools these primitive humans have made. If my world did not have the fierce battles between the races and the devil kind, maybe it would be just as wonderful.”

As a cultivator of the Great Dao however, these things were simply toys for common people in his eyes. For a cultivator whose wealth is not measured by gold, but by the number of Tian cores. Human advancement and money was like paper in his eyes. After all, no amount of gold could buy you a Tian core . That was a product of the land and heavens.

To him it was like moving from the middle ages to the technology era in one step. He resumed his posture as he began to sort out these memories. Filtering through these memories gave Zhang Mu the understanding to maneuver in this strange world.

He was still reeling from shock when he saw those lumps of iron moving on the smooth roads. It was one of the reasons he hurried home from school. Without the safety of this room to calm his thoughts, the old man might have flipped out.

It didn’t take him long to assimilate those broken memories. For his part, most of this information was useless. Why would a Sky saint fear being among little ants!

He opened his eyes as faint white sparks burst within them like lighting streaking across the clear night sky.

“Now, should I remain ‘home’ with these humans, or leave?”