The Darkness Chapter 8

Zhang Mu was not a sentimental type person. Two thousand years of cultivation had molded him into the best representation of a typical miserly, ungrateful and heartless old bastard.

In his eyes, simply knowing these two women for a few hours was like passing them on the road. His main goal was always to become stronger and more powerful than others. The countless hardships and scorn he endured as a rogue cultivator from those ‘Superior’ young masters had created a heart of stone.

The Great Dao taught many things and showed many paths that could be followed to attain that one pinnacle where they all converged. Unfortunately the cultivation world made it supremely difficult to choose these different paths.

In a world where only the strong survive and might makes right, the other peaceful paths were long abandoned.

“From this idiot’s memories, this place is backward compared to those huge cities. I should stay here for enough time to understand the workings of this foolish world.”

Even with such low Qi, this world was blessed with no conflict between those indomitable races vying for supremacy. In a perfect environment like this, these people abandoned the scriptures for a worthless metal. In the eyes of an experienced cultivator like Zhang Mu, these inhabitants were worthless.

Wasting such a golden opportunity on material gains and squabbles between themselves. If it was a war of cultivation resources Zhang Mu would have been among the first to praise them.

“First I need to gather as much information as possible. This ‘school’ is perfect for my needs. I can find out if this world has cultivation resources. The Qi is weak so I expect the ingredients may need to double. Hehehe… But first I need to construct a Mind Mastery talisman.”

He fixed his posture and regulated his breathing. As Qi started forming on his hands he ‘wrote’ the symbols and characters on the air in front of him. A glowing series of lines, letters and symbols were interwoven and hung in the space before him…


The glowing script hovering in the air exploded. The noise was loud like popping a balloon with a pin. The script scattered around like fireworks and then disappeared. The last glowing pieces had barely faded when the door burst open and his sister wrapped in pajamas and a nightgown framed the doorway like a raging bull.

“You little p%$!. What the hell are you doing? If that landlord wakes up and is annoyed, you do know he is going to make it hard for us right?”

‘Dave’ made a nod.

“Sorry, I fell of my chair.”

Mary gave him a look of disgust. It was obvious to them both he was fibbing.

“Get your a$$ back to sleep. Mom will be back soon so you better don’t wake her up with your sh#@!”

The door slammed leaving him in darkness.

“Who knew that I, a Sky saint wold have trouble constructing a level 2 spell.”

The Mind Mastery talisman was one that allowed the user to store countless information within his mind. In this new world it was like a hard drive plugged into his brain. He had access to this information while it slowly integrated into his brain.

In the mortal world this was worth a mountain of gold. For cultivators it was a useless ability. Anything pertaining to the Great Dao and relevant scriptures had to be learned the hard way. Shortcuts on that path would lead to tribulation from the Heavens.

The old Sky saint would never bother learning about this contemptuous world. Unfortunately he had no choice to fill his mind with this rubbish. Like a new baby learning to walk, he had to do everything by himself.

“I have enough Qi to attempt some more. I refuse to believe that I, the true Saint under the Heavens is so unlucky.”