The Darkness Chapter 9

Two more balloon pops echoes out from ‘Dave’s’ room. Mary cursed him through the walls since this time he was smart enough to lock the door. Those curses were like water on a ducks back to the experienced Sky saint.

‘Did she think that some baby could rile up an old codger like this Saint?’

In front of his was floating a faintly silvery glowing script. Slowly he connected it with his finger and guided it to his forehead. There it disappeared like the one he did before. He closed his eyes and circulated his depleted Qi to restore some of it.

Since he arrive in this world he was on edge. Fatigue was starting to envelop him as he tried to stay awake. This body was simply too weak to handle his requirements. He struggled to stand up and sat down by the small table.

Grabbing a book from his bag he started skimming through the pages one by one. In the eyes of a stranger he looked like he was a champion speed reader. All he had to do was scan and focus through the books. The Mind Mastery talisman did the rest of the work. He threw the book on the floor and reached his tired hands for the next.


“Hey you stinker, wake up! I made your breakfast. You better not make noise when I’m gone and wake up mom!”

Mary left the house in a hurry for her morning practice.

Zhang Mu stared blurry eyed at the door. He had just completed flipping over all the textbooks and some of those reference books. Half of these books were worthless magazines and serials that contained pictures and large foldouts.

To make a veteran Sky saint blush and turn beet red from embarrassment was saying something as to the contents.

“No wonder this brat was useless…”

Getting on the ground and circulation his Qi made him feel a little better. During the speed reading his Qi was being used. If he was still a Saint this would have been like a drop of water in the ocean. Now as the lowest lever cultivator he had to regulate his Qi like a hawk.

He used his mind’s eye to check his foundations and then prepared himself for school. The shower in the morning was refreshing but it did little to help those big bags under his bloodshot tired eyes.

He ate the breakfast left by his sister and locked the house. His mom was presumably inside sleeping until her next job later in the morning.

Strolling to school, the Sky saint took in the view and scenery. Most of the time he had a strand of spiritual sense prodding outwards and rotating invisibly around him like a radar. This was a habit to avoid ambushes and a means to probe for resources that contained spiritual sense.

Unfortunately because of his weak level and limited Qi, he could only ‘reach out’ for about ten feet. He constantly circulated his Qi to replenish the amount lost from this old habit.

Every now and again he would stop and stare at some strange contraption that astounded him. He dillydallied and choose the longest route to the school strolling across them like a man without a care.

By the time he arrived at school with this lazy mentality, he was already late.

Standing to greet him as he climbed up the few stairs was Mr Hopkins, the dean of the school.

“Mr Kale. You do know you are late right?”