The Red Lands Chapter 41


Well this is embarrassing.

I was called out to do some extra work and had no choice to obey. Money has a way of controlling most of our puny little lives.

Gone are the days when I might have tried to live off the land. If I try to attempt it, I am sure one day when I am relaxing outside the porch in my little log cabin, some man in a suit will stroll up my little mountain and serve me a paper stating I owe taxes.

‘Oh and don’t forget anything under six feet is government property.’

That dream has long disappeared. Only those in my web novels are blessed with a fresh start. Lucky or unlucky them.


Sooo many Masters in this world.

I will try to finish another chapter before weekend. The pace of the story is ready to increase. Hopefully the author can keep up with it.

This is a strange world in the making. Please do not be offended by any names or actions of these fictitious individuals. Use the comment box to share your thoughts on why you may want any of those %$#%! killed off. Try and put it across nicely.

P.S. Some of these names that might come across may have double meanings. Use your imagination or if possible a dictionary. I can only use Google translate to help me for some of them.

Young Master Gofart.

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