The Darkness Chapter 10

“Remember class, questions on this chapter will certainly be up for the test during the finals. I suggest you take down the relevant points….”

Mrs. Auburn closed the text and placed it on her desk as she scanned around her class.

This class was ranked the lowest in the grade. They were not entirely bad kids, but were mostly slow to pick upon the studies. The typical bad eggs like Johnston and Thomas in the back were known slackers.

However as aces on the football team, they had the opportunity to get scholarships and were satisfied by that. The only reason they were placed in her class was so they didn’t disrupt the academics of class A.

Others like Walter and Suzy were already lost to their neighborhood environment. Those who succumb to the peers on the block were caught in the downward spiral. She was too old and experienced to try to interfere in these students lives.

Her eyes stopped at a particular student in the room. Unlike the others who may have been chatting and playing behind her back, he was humming and flipping through a math text in her English class. Without a care, expletives would roll off his mouth from time to time. Even the other typical ‘bad’ students were looking strangely at him as if he was a freak.

In her eyes this kid was a true freak. It was known he was friendless and was a regular prey of the school bullies after classes. He was currently the most valuable record holder when it came to being the recipient and butt center of jokes and pranks.

What was the sad thing, was that his sister was the school idol and a socialite in both the academic and sporting fields. She always steered clear of her brother like a plague and offered no assistance in school.

“Mr Kale, what are you doing in my english class reading a math text?”


Zhang Mu looked up. He was slowly getting into this role as the infamous Mr Kale.

“Don’t huh me young man. First you had the audacity to arrive late to class and now you show your rudeness to your elders. I should double down on your detention for a week!”

Zhang Mu stared at the old fowl in front of the class. Now that he was one foot into cultivation he feared no one. As for her being an elder, psh… even if she lived to be a hundred she was still a scrawny worm in front of this Saint.

His goals however needed him to be on good terms with the school staff. He was aiming for this vault of knowledge called the school library. This detention thing everyone kept mentioning took away his valuable time from entering this place.

He put on his best behavior and stood up.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Auburn, it won’t happen again. I will pay more attention in class.”

He gave her a smile and returned to his seat satisfied on his impeccable display.

The view from the recipient side was not the same. Mrs Auburn was shocked when the little skinny freak stood up and apologized. He then gave her a smile that reminded her of those Chucky horror movies. If ever there was a firm display of a psycho, it was that creepy and menacing smile under that ugly button ridden face.

Zhang Mu maintained his wonderful and respectful attitude throughout the day. He didn’t even leave the class during lunch as he was busy cultivating. When the bell rang signaling the end of the school day, he was convinced everything was perfect.

That was until the dean braced him at the door and took him outside to a large open field.