The Red Lands Chapter 42

Chapter Release

Hey guys, sorry for the late chapter. Had to get some work done. Next chapter will be out after the weekend. This week I am totally swamped, lots of things to get done.

The comments have served as good feedback. It’s my story as an author, but this is a web novel that is following a basic and rough plot. The comments have great insights on what direction the tale is heading in. It proves that a lot of the readers are thinking ahead.

I thank those critics who take the time to comment. This is my first long web novel experiment, so it helps when I get ideas on how fast or how powerful the characters should develop.

Keep up with the likes and the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. WOoohoo! was waiting expectandly at it! Keep going man! you know theres alot of us avid readers who don’t speak a lot but sure enjoy your stories!

    Thanks for your time and dedication!

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