The Darkness Chapter 11

Zhang Mu was currently standing in the middle of a large open field just adjacent to the school. In his hands was a gallon of white paint and a paintbrush.

The dean’s instructions were sweet, short and to the point. Remark those fading lines on the field using the tools provided. When he was done or the paint finished, he could leave. If he was crazy to chuck the paint down the drain, his life in school would be changed to a life at home.

If it wasn’t for the enticement of gaining free knowledge, the Sky Saint would have already made this individual chug down this liquid.

‘Baby steps, Zhang Mu baby steps.’ This world was rubbing off on him.

It was late evening when Dave finished his punishment. Drenched in sweat he disposed of the can under the inspection of the Dean. The man had appeared like an assassin just as the job was finished.

Dave packed his bag and decided to call it a day. The school library had long closed this late. His memory told him of a town library, but that too was closed. Apparently this place was not to keen on having those vaults of knowledge open 24hrs.

On his way he passed the next field that was being used as practise by the school’s football team. This little town seemed very fascinated by this sport, so much so that it literally drilled those kids. He fortunately had better things on his mind.

“Hey Roberts, watch this!”

A football went flying across the fence into the school walkway.

Zhang Mu’s Qi senses that were operating like a radar instantly activated. He turned towards the football just in time to receive the hit directly on his face. The force and the unexpected hit knocked him to the ground.


“Holy S&^%!”

“Wow, championship material, man”

Dave rolled over and slowly got up amidst the chatter, whoops and laughter. He dusted of his clothes and left the scene of his embarrassment. According to memory this was not the first, and it would certainly not be the last attempt to try to humiliate him. All he could do was become stronger to take his revenge.

The Sky Saint was well-known to be a very, very vindictive individual.

First Stage Gaining Insight opened the door for cultivation and began the slow purifying process of the body. Gaining Insight was simply the introduction of the Dao to a cultivator. It allowed the cultivator to access the Qi all around and harness it into the body.

Unfortunately this first stage had noting to do with strengthening the body or any other aspects. Only because of the start of purifying did his body become slightly stronger as his cells started holding onto the world Qi. He was still as weak as the previous body’s owner.

His Qi radar was good, but without reflexes and strength to execute moves, he was like a lame duck. The previous humiliation was a testament to this fact. He could pinpoint the exact location of danger, but incapable to do anything besides stare at the football smashing into his face.

As for martial arts, they were dependent on the body strengthening stage. A move now without sufficient Qi, would damage him and this body beyond repair. The second stage after Gaining insight was Body purification. During this stage the Qi would be circulated and stored in his dantian and his cells nourished.

Though it was still below body strengthening, it offered one advantage. The first offensive talisman spells could be created. With limited Qi he might still be lacking in sufficient firepower, but dishing out Talisman spells was what the Sky Saint was infamous for.

“Baby steps, Zhang Mu, baby steps.”

“Hey Dweeb, who the heck are you talking to by yourself.”

Zhang Mu looked up to see a group of teens loafing close to an alley dozens of feet away. His memory of interaction between these individuals was not very pleasant.

‘So much for relying on only my limited Qi radar.’