The Darkness Chapter 12

The posse making their way towards him was made up of the creme De la creme of the town’s school delinquents. Only the best from each high school was allowed to enter, and the rumor was that it had a long waiting list.

Leading this select bunch of bad boys was the baddest teen across town, Bill. Dave had a colorful history with these fellows, some even stretching back to his early days in elementary school.

As they graduated from the lower schools to the present day high school, so to the innocent pranks upgraded to the rampant beatings and shakedowns. Bill was the new leader of the high school delinquents and the bane of Dave’s after school life.

“Hey A%$#! Come here.”

The baker’s dozen filed into an ally between the apartments. Dave meekly followed behind. Zhang Mu had scanned the kids memories and had grasped the usual plot. Call the kid into the alley and hustle him out of all his money. If enough was not present he had to dish it out as an IOU the next day or risk a beating.

With his poor physical abilities escape was only a fleeting dream. And that dream was much more skilled at fleeing that him. Once he tried it, only to be severely beaten for a week. After that the lesson was learn and memorized better than his schoolwork.

“Pull out the cash little man, we need to take care of our bi^%$es”

Zhang Mu simply went through the motions. The greatest ability of the Sky Saint was patience. If this Saint could wait hundreds of years to exact vengeance on a spiritual shopkeeper for robbing him one spirit stone extra for an ice spell, then this was nothing.

That one stone profit cost the shopkeeper his store and all his profits in his long years of business. Only Zhang Mu knew what the return price of a beating would be.

“F%$#, is this all you have you little pric!”

Bill checked the money and started slapping him against the wall. His lackeys surrounded them, cutting off any means of escape.

“Damit, I really wanted to impress today. I have three babes lined up, and all are prime pieces of meat.”

“Sorry but that’s all I have. Next month is allowance maybe you could wait…”

Zhang Mu’s words were cut off as he collected a punch in the stomach for making the excuse he was poor.”

The slaps, punches and kicks came on schedule.

“Don’t make excuses you dumbass, if you don’t got the money then steal it.”

“Yea you fool, how are we supposed to divide tow dollars between us.”

Zhang Mu crumpled into the fetal position as he received the kicks. After what seemed like eternity Bill lifted him up and administered some well placed slaps.

“This is for being short on cash. And this is for failing to bring us those pictures of your naked sister. A shit like you couldn’t even steal some underwear.”

“Give him a good rub down today boys, I got to pick up my first skan$#”

Bill left them and swaggered towards the school. Even though he was a student of the other high school across town, his fame as a pro footballer and ‘bad’ boy opened many doors.

After another round of beating the rest of the squad left Dave on the ground battered and bruised. Zhang Mu slowly picked himself up under the pain. Within his mind he had already recorded the most important points of this after school lesson.

All those faces were now imprinted and filed within his talisman.

He struggled to his feet and stood in the alley for a long time to catch his breath. Circulating his Qi helped to refresh and aid in recovery. With his level now, a beating such as this would take a day to heal.

He limped out of the alley to make his way home.

“Shit Mary! Isn’t that your little brother? Hey man what the hell happened to you, who did this?”

Dave turned towards the now familiar voice.

Standing on the pavement was the bad boy with a mask of genuine concern. What shocked the Sky Saint was the girl who was still in her cheerleader outfit looking on beside him. Bill had ‘unconsciously’ placed his hands around her near bare shoulders to notify her.

With her figure accentuated in the cheerleaders costume and her partially wet blond hair scattered over her shoulders, she was any high school boys dream. She had all those curves and developments in the right areas, together with that stunning clear face.

Sweet and Sexy

The school’s number one beauty Mary Kale.

And David Kale’s sister.