What is a VPN?


I have been trying to slowly understand the ins and outs of web-hosting. Malware and other Viruses are things I have to be aware of, not for myself but for the viewers who thankfully frequent my Blog. One of the things that keep popping up is some means to aid in avoiding being tracked. Having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something that allows added protection. Best of all it is free as an addon on most browsers.

The link below is an informative video on VPN’s

I am not an Internet savvy person. My experience with computers is restricted to the point and click age. I guess it’s now the point and swipe. If you start mentioning things like coding, CSS and even URL’s, I would be the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.

Start talking things like DOS prompts and I would swear you are from some ancient lost civilization.

When I started writing my Blog, I thought everything would be so simple. After all, wasn’t it just like typing on a Word program?

Imagine I am now bombarded with all kinds of technical terms, and steps to ensure my little website is functioning properly. To make matters worse I think we have already created the being coined as Artificial Intelligence. That is because it is the only way to explain why I have to go through a set of setup steps only to fail and do it over.

This startling deduction came about after shedding the few hairs on my head and raining curses on my Laptop.

Now if my battle with my PC wasn’t enough I have to contend with the terror of the Internet. It is like a battle with a Raptor. Until it dawns on you that you are now surrounded with its wonderful friends.

Anyway if you are interested in expanding your knowledge of this insignificant thing like the Internet feel free to do the same like me.

Read it up in a good book.

P.S. I hope you know the last few lines are just dripping with sarcasm. 🙂

 Link to video

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