The Darkness -Chapter 13

Zhang Mu casually dusted his clothes ignoring the hostile gaze Bill was sending. Right now he was more focused on circulating his Qi to help aid in healing. He was unconcerned about Bill and his little games.

As a Sky Saint who lived for thousands of years he had borne witness to all sorts of plots, scams and strategies under the red suns.

First scope out the lady and her family. If the brother is a wuss, then use him to get anything from the lady that can be used later as a possible blackmail. If not, play on her sympathy to gain trust. Rinse and repeat such actions until successful.

“Hey man are you ok?”

Bill grabbed him by the collar using his body to block Mary’s view. He whispered some threats and turned smiling to Mary.

“Don’t worry Mary, it’s not as bad as it looks. With a little ice most of those bruises will heal as good as new. You remember the last time we played against your school? Man I was home for days under ice packs.”

Mary frowned and sighed

“What happened Dave, didn’t mom tell you not to stay out too late after school. If you see those hoodlums around, just avoid them and call for help.”

She shook her head slowly. This little brother was a certified wuss. It wasn’t the first time he was beaten but it seemed that he just couldn’t learn his lesson. What made it worse was she was certain he didn’t even put up a fight or try to stand up for himself.

Bill had released Dave and slowly walked back to her side. She was dressed in a sleeveless top that fitted her body contours and displayed those curves. Mary was a model that any school would be proud to have. She was displaying their school colors and team crest wonderfully on that cheerleader uniform.

For a stud like Bill, she was a prize he just had to have. He stood to her side just behind her and placed her two hands on her shoulders. That smooth white skin that was exposed was something to savor for a hot-blooded teen like himself.

“Don’t worry girl, I know some friends who hang around this block. Later when we’re finished with the study lessons, I’ll have a talk with them. Hopefully they can help our little bro out.”

Bill whispered as he leaned in close to Mary’s ears. He was just about to give her a hug to cop a feel when the wuss in front suddenly rolled his eyes and fainted.

No matter how disgusting he was in her eyes, Dave was still family. Mary brushed away Bill’s hands on her shoulders and ran forwards. All Bill could utter was a WTF!


Zhang Mu opened his eyes slowly. Pain flashed across his face that turned red from embarrassment. He carefully picked himself up of the ground. With a hobble he separated from Mary who had bent down to hold him.

“I’m sorry Mary, the pain was too much. I need to get home.”

Zhang Mu apologized and hobbled away. One look at him and a blind man could see the teen was in pain and forcing himself to walk.

“Sorry Bill, I can’t go with you today in that study group. Maybe some other time ok?”

Mary grabbed he bag and walked off to meet her brother. No matter how she felt about him, this was the first time he was beaten so badly. If she left him like that who knows what would happen. Not to mention her mom would lambastĀ her if she found out she had simply left her brother in that condition.

Bill stood on the pavement watching her drift off. Everything happened so suddenly he didn’t have chance to even push a talk about carrying the du-fuss home or getting her contact number.

“What the hell did those pricks do to the kid when I left them? Did they have to bust him up so badly?”

Bill could only mutter and walk of in anger.

At the end of the block Zhang Mu looked back as he walked with Mary.

“Brat, you are one thousand years to young to play your little charades with this old crow. Wait for me when I hold onto some power, I will give you a good show.”


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