The Darkness -Chapter 14

When Zhang Mu returned home he made his way up to take a bath. Mary already had a quick shower after cheer leading practice so she let him go first while she started to prepare their dinner.

She had first met Bill during their home game against his school. Although her school smashed his school in the football match, Bill was like the lone star in his team. Single handedly he carried his team to score nearly half of their points.

After the match he approached her and complemented her on her cheer-leading skill. He found out about her being part of the honors class and begged her then and there for some after school study classes. Today was their first agreed on day.

Like all girls she was drawn to his athletic and wild side. While she was remembering how honest and caring he acted, Dave was busy upstairs.

With his Qi circulating non stop since the beating, the pain was not as unbearable as before. The bruises were remaining like black and blue splotches on his white skin. However instead of swelling they remained the same, by tomorrow they should start clearing up.

“Dave, how is it, are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine let me take a rest before dinner.”

This was the first time Mary actually talked to him without including an insult. As for showing sisterly love, he was still far from returning into her good graces.

Zhang Mu sat down and focused on his cultivation. This beating was not a bad thing since it depleted all his Qi. In such a scenario restoring and increasing the storage in his body is like sitting in cultivation for three days.

In this world it is similar to comparing difference in air pressure between two rooms. If the pressure is the same the effort is multiplied to try to increase it within the room. If the room is at a low pressure then that difference in pressure causes an increase in flow until it equalizes without any large work to be done.

This type of cultivation is very risking since one can easily depleted too much Qi and harm the body. Similarly if one is not careful this increase and decrease can shock the Qi channels and maybe cause irrevocable damage.

No experienced cultivator finding themselves in a strange environment would willingly deplete their Qi for this added benefit. In times of danger without options, burning a full Qi storage can mean the difference between life and death.

Zhang Mu was not a masochist who would try to conduct this type of training. Being beaten everyday just to increase a little cultivation was not his idea of having a good time. However that didn’t mean he wasn’t open to other options.

When Dave’s mom came home, he joined them at the dinner table.

“What happened to you?! David are you okay?”

Those words of concern were the first that left her mouth. David waved his hands to indicate for her to sit back down. He swiftly started to tackle his food, without pill supplements this was his only way to nourish the body.

What made it worse for him was that nearly half of his cultivation at the enlightenment stage had to return back into re-purifying the body. Coupled with this low Qi absorption, he nearly broke down in tears.

“It’s nothing mom, Mary’s boyfriend just gave me a proper beating after school. He was a little pissed that I was short on cash to support his date with her at the cafe.”


Mary choked and spluttered out the water she was drinking at the time.

Dave glanced at her and continued

“Don’t worry mom, he promised me that he’ll let me off once I am successful in getting some naked pictures of her or stealing away some of her underwear.”

Zhang Mu continued to eat as the two women eyed each other and looked at him in shock. The boy just blurted out some words and continued on eating without a care.

“Bill is not my boyfriend! We were just going to a study group.”

Mary was the first to recover and quickly went into denial. Her mother was still in the process of letting these words sink in. She did catch on to a name after Mary answered.

“Bill? As in the Bill I warned you about yesterday?”

Zhang Mu immediately butted in as he tackled his meal without looking up.

“Same one mom. A jock from Sammy High, he hangs with his retard crew outside a different school everyday.”

“Mary! You and I need to talk later young woman.”

His mom shook her head in disappointment and picked at the food. Mary was even more sullen as her hunger was cut. Dave on the other hand was eating voraciously.

When he was finished Zhang Mu stood up to leave the table. He looked down at the two sitting at the small table.

“We don’t care what choices you all take in life. Your paths are your own. Know this however, whom so ever messes with us will always face retribution.

None has ever escaped this Sky Saint!”

Zhang Mu’s words were like thunder in their ears even though he spoke normal. His Qi extended outwards giving the two women the feeling of standing in front of an Emperor.

When he finished speaking he turned and went to his room, the intimidating aura vanished like it was never there.

The two women stared at his retreating figure. His mom was the first to break the silence. She looked at her daughter accusingly and raised her voice

“Sky-Saint?! Is your boyfriend not satisfied with beating my son, he now has him sniffing drugs?!”