Return of the dead author -part 1

Hey guys, I am sooo sorry for the past couple months. It has been hard for me and I have found myself in a very unexpected situation.

Have you ever thought that there were places on earth that had villages with NO Internet?

Well I have found myself in one such place where the only use of a computer is to play one of the best games for loners: Solitaire.

Not that I have much time to be on the computer. I am currently stuck in my dad’s farm since he brought me back for extra help. My life of hustling day by day to make ends meet; the dream of many has now been crushed.

I have finally found an internet source. It is wireless, slow, breaks down intermittently and is fricking expensive.

Main thing is, I am finally able to reach out and touch the world.

Because of this situation and not knowing how long I might be helping out in the farm, the chapters will be slowed to a crawl. I would most likely be able to get two chapters out per month. Yes per month.

For the ones who have taken a liking to the story, please bear with me. I really am pressed at this time to answer back your comments. I am happy for them and I do try to read them.

I will try to get the chapters out as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for the support.

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