Making a Blog of your own.

I started writing online as a hobby.

Like most Bloggers I was just trying to gain my own space in this new digital world.

At first, I believe I did it out of sheer curiosity. I wanted to see what kept those people who poured their sweat and soul over some form of computer returning to that torture.

I signed up on WordPress. Not because it’s the best but because it had what I wanted. It was free and to speak the truth, it was the first one such platform that I saw most of the websites I frequent use.

It is amazing how soon a person is hooked on this form of communication. Setting up is a task but the joy of completing it yourself melts away the previous anger. But the greatest exhiliration comes when the first person reads your first published works.

That stat page that shows the first visitor has the making of a potent drug. It keeps the user coming back time and time again. As the visitors grow you get the urge to write, as the visitors drop you get the urge to write. One is driven from happiness, the other from frustration.

Like most Bloggers I was enticed when I received my first follower. To see those little icons listed at the end of a post gives a writer the feeling that his work is not for naught. Those little Likes that show up as stars on WordPress also do the same.

As the comments section started to spring to life, so to the drive for a Blogger to created something sparks in their mind.

Anything to keep the crowd coming back for more.

Bloggers can work to please the crowd like street magicians of old. They are a great source of reading material. There are others out there who do the opposite. They write what they want to write. They control their pages as if its their own thoughts that are imprinted on it. They cater to only those who are like-minded and follow the same path.

Blogging depends on a person’s personality. Some are out for money and some are out to get their ideas out to the world.

My Blog is to get my story out the world of readers. Those little ads out on the pages help offset the cost of me printing my story.

Like most of the other Bloggers I depend on my readers to help by viewing and taking the initiative of clicking on the ads that are interesting to them. The more viewers the better for me and other Bloggers.

Please turn off ad block when visiting the Blog. By participating and selecting those displays help writers around the world. Maybe you might find something you want, or something you are interested in.

Ad blocking and none selection might be good for those sites that over indulge in it. This site only has a few ads. I will not try to swamp my readers with ads.

Thank you for your help in this matter.