OMG?! It’s Money, MONEY!!!


Today is a day that will be recorded in this Blog’s history.

On the 28th of this month, a visitor to my website clicked on an Advertised link. This small action apparently created ground breaking phenomenon in the secular world.

This was the first click that registered on my google Adsense account for the New Year. It was the first money this website has made for the year since I took the plunge to do it on my own.

So why is this little writer crying over 28 cents?

(At this point please imagine I am pointing my nose to the sky and shaking my head as if pitying you mere mortals.)

Readers, readers, readers.

As a wannabe Writer, I am trying to achieve the perfection of breaking away from the realm of readers and soar as a Writer in the Heavens.

Unfortunately I haven’t broken the shackles of humanity as yet.

Like most humans I still crave money.

I sincerely thank the Reader, that minute action of yours has opened the flood gates of tears from my eyes. I am so sorry I am such a weak-willed man.

Cough, cough.

I should get the next chapter of the Red Lands up by Friday. I am still getting some problems with my internet so my time online is limited.

I am grateful for the first coins earned since I started this website. I will try to get a bonus chapter out as respect and courtesy for the viewer for his/her actions.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully those advertisements will continue to attract users who are like-minded and interested.


4 thoughts on “OMG?! It’s Money, MONEY!!!

  1. So I clicked around like mad, curious if it did anything. Until you said it I didn’t realize you had Ads here because of m Adblocker XD

    1. Hmm if you’d like me to continue doing that regularly you should probably give me some kind of feedback, otherwise I get the feeling that it doesn’t really matter/ doesn’t have much of an effect or that you don’t much care about it.

      1. Sorry for the late feedback. I only mentioned this because it was the first money I received for the year. Apparently bloggers cannot force their visitors to click or select ads. That choice must be their own. It’s like me standing on the side of the road advertising for some company. I can only get paid if someone is interested and actually comes up to me for a flyer. It sucks but that is how I see it so far. I still need to do some research on this. Thanks for the help though. It was much appreciated.

    2. Well I checked with the ad account and yes apparently whatever actions you and the other readers conducted did register in the account. I guess if the ads become suitable for visitors, it may not be a far cry for a day where all visitors try to select something they like after reading the story. I think if that happens it will help boost the quality of ads that are displayed. At present I have no way of controlling what is shown. Your input was very, very valuable, but it just goes to show that the readers were not interested in those ads but just the story itself.

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