I was just browsing through the website and I found a question I needed an answer to.

The Red Lands chapters are written and published on pages instead of post. If I publish a page without a link then the viewers would not be able to see it right?

How about those who are subscribed to this website and those who follow this novel on WordPress? Are they able to view the page before I have it linked to a post?

I am curious simply because if I schedule my pages for publishing can the ordinary visitors view it without me linking it?

Or do I have to come online at that particular day to link a post to it for the viewers. I will try to browse the wordpress help pages but feedback from the subscribers and followers will be appreciated.

Please use the comments section of this post to share your answers.

One thought on “Questions?

  1. I can’t answer your question with a hundred percent certainty, but I believe that people wouldn’t be able to tell if a new page was created without it being linked somewhere.
    Normally, you would use posts for your updates. You wouldn’t have to go through a two-steps process, people would just see them on the home page as soon as they are up..

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