Chapter 54 -A typical job interview.

A typical job interview


Thomas reached over carefully and received the letter. He read it and nodded his head.

“I am sorry Mr Thomas, but could you please tell me if it is correct?”

This was not a chat between friends. It was meant to establish effective communication for an employer to find that ‘right person’. Chu had no intention of letting Mr Thomas settle down.

Thomas jumped a little on the question.

“Y..yes, I mean yes I did agree with Simon to visit the village and meet with you.”

“Good, then you did agree to apply for this position as requested?”

Unbeknownst to Thomas a bead of sweat started to form on his forehead.

“Y…yes he told me you were looking for someone to help with a farm.”

‘Was this kid some young noble or something?’

Chu looked straight into the eyes of the man across from him.

“Sir, let me give you a brief summary of the position that we are looking to fill.”

Chu rattled out the requirements while Mr Thomas was forced into remaining silent for fear of missing something of importance.

“This position requires a trustworthy person who can train our members to defend themselves. The person must be able to educate our members in the field of both close and range combat techniques.

As a farm very close to the forest, it also requires some training in survivability and tracking in woodland areas. The applicant must possess strong skills worthy of being passed on to our members.

During the course of your employment, time to time you may be called upon to provide certain tasks related to your experience as an adventurer or Military officer. You must be willing to freely share such experience with our young workers.

Any, and I mean any form of disobedience, poor work ethic and dishonesty will be met with a prompt termination of contract and being expelled from the farm. We tolerate no such actions that will cause our employees any harm.


Two beads of sweat now joined the first on Thomas’s forehead.

‘F$#@ Simon! This was not a talk, this was a fricking job hiring!’

“Ahmm…yes, I believe I understand what you are seeking. I can fulfill those demands, but I was informed by Simon that this was a meeting for a farm work.”

The boy waved his hands.

“That is only part of the job application. We have experience farm hands who will impart their knowledge as the years progress. You do know that successfully landing this job means you will be given a place to live right?”

Thomas was slowly beginning to grasp the idea of what Simon talked about. The courage from the Military started to burst out. He knew exactly what he wanted.

The atmosphere of this room and the questions that came before he had a chance to think, turned his focus onto one thought.

‘He must get this job!’

He straighten his back again on the wooden chair before replying.

“I believe that I am the best person for this role. I have training in the Military, whose combat skills are second to none. I am also a skilled marksman with crossbow training. I have years of experience in the field of adventuring, Simon can testify to that aspect.

In the Military I have experience in both woodland, mountain and snow combat. I was promoted to temporary Vice Commander due to my skills in mountain terrain combat. I believe all this will be an added bonus to your employees.

I have trained many soldiers under my tenure in the Military, I believe that I can provide the same level of Training for your members.

My reputation and honesty is second to none. They have never been bought into question by anyone. I am a hard worker who will be willing to carry out any extra duties without any form of extra reward.

I have…”


Chu had this meeting turn into a full-fledged interview. Years of experience sitting on both sides of the table was now put to good use. No matter how mighty Mr Thomas was or how strong his aura.

As a leader in front of a Human Resource officer he was relegated to one of many applicants.

Mr Thomas was the only person Chu was banking the second step of progress on. The boy had no intention of letting the man across the desk be aware of that fact.

‘Can a desperate person seeking a lifeline treat an interview for a job as a joke?’

Chu had never seen someone who achieved the requirements to get an interview with a company refuse to treat the process with respect. This was after all the last hill to climb before entering the world of employment.

‘One day of preparation can lead to years of bliss.’

Chu nodded his head in satisfaction. Mr Thomas was smart enough to understand he had to sell his good points for the job.

“This is all well and good. Those points will be certainly taken into consideration. Do you have any questions?”

The sweat was now tricking down Thomas neck.

“You mentioned a place to stay? Could I hear more about it.”

Chu nodded.

“On acceptance by us, you will join the others in repairing the barn in the property. It shall serve as the temporary home until we build a suitable one on the land. Before the episode with the wolf demon it served as our home. I can assure you, it will be far better than anything in the village.”

“What about my family. If I get this job will they be able to stay?”

“That is not an issue. In fact they can arrive at this village and have a place to stay immediately. With about three days of work the barn will be livable and it will be our permanent home.”

Thomas nodded. He was ecstatic since it meant he could pay off the debt and move his family from the Inn straight to the village. This was turning out to be a win-win situation.

“This offer is very good. I have one question though. If anything happens to me during my tenure on the farm what becomes of my family. I have a wife and a young daughter. I hope you understand what a situation like that will do to them.”

‘Gold, we struck gold!’

Chu maintained his poker face and started speaking.

“I can assure you what you think will not happen. The members of this party contain young girls also. After you prove your abilities within a few months, a contract will be made out for you.

In the event something unforeseeable happens, your family will be continued to be taken care off. For everyone in our group, we plan to have mandatory defense training as well as education. Books will be provided on all topics and can be requested if needed.

Once our farm becomes operational, there should be no problem in any living conditions for anyone.”

Mr Thomas nodded in satisfaction. In his life his main concern and worry was his wife and daughter. The incident with his family in Frost City cost him an arm and a lame leg.

After bearing the brunt of such treatment he fled with his family. All he now wanted was not fame or fortune but a quiet place to live in comfort.

This exactly what Chu was happy and jumping in joy. A person who asked not what monetary gains he could have but concern about the welfare of his family was what he needed most.

He needed someone to provide training, a grownup to shake off inqusitive eyes and a person who had knowledge of those Awakened by talisman use.

Such an individual could only be an older person. In his circle right now he was against including an older person. Given time they might look to question his actions and even seek to usurp his rule.

After conversing with this person he was satisfied with his conduct. He did not act in an overbearing manner, he listened to Ming’s advice on the outside and held back his leadership aura and he genuinely cared for his family.

“Any more concerns Mr Thomas?”

Thomas shook his head and replied.

“No that’s the only ones I could think of at present. How soon can I receive a reply, my family is staying at an Inn at Karst. I would like to return as soon as possible to them. I might have enough funds to stay there for a week at most. How long will it take to discuss this with the other members?”

Chu waved his hands.

“No, no. No need Mr Thomas. I don’t have to discuss anything with the others.”

The sweat was pouring down Mr Thomas’ neck.

Did I fail the job requirements? No, I have to give my all for this thing. My family is depending on me!

The groveling of a desperate man leaked out.

“I can assure you, even though I am lacking an arm I can sword fight with the best of them. Yes my leg is a disadvantage but I ….”

Chu waved his hands and stopped him halfway in a sentence.

“I think you misunderstood me Mr Thomas. Your Hired.”


You are hired. How soon can you start?”


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