The Darkness Chapter 11

Zhang Mu was currently standing in the middle of a large open field just adjacent to the school. In his hands was a gallon of white paint and a paintbrush. The dean's instructions were sweet, short and to the point. Remark those fading lines on the field using the tools provided. When he was done … Continue reading The Darkness Chapter 11

The Darkness Chapter 10

"Remember class, questions on this chapter will certainly be up for the test during the finals. I suggest you take down the relevant points...." Mrs. Auburn closed the text and placed it on her desk as she scanned around her class. This class was ranked the lowest in the grade. They were not entirely bad … Continue reading The Darkness Chapter 10

The Darkness Chapter 9

Two more balloon pops echoes out from 'Dave's' room. Mary cursed him through the walls since this time he was smart enough to lock the door. Those curses were like water on a ducks back to the experienced Sky saint. 'Did she think that some baby could rile up an old codger like this Saint?' … Continue reading The Darkness Chapter 9