Chapter 52- End of the story.

The End of the Story The blizzard came cold, heavy and left in a rush. This much-anticipated event confirmed to most of the older villagers that Winter was near over and Spring was only a few days away. Unlike the previous years this storm of snow and freezing cold did not turn the residents into … Continue reading Chapter 52- End of the story.

Real -The Red Lands Chapter 37

I apologize for being late in this posting today. I think my excuse is more valid than the dog ate my homework line. I had to perform the most contemptible task ever recorded in the annals of human history. I had to work. Thank you for those comments, I am a novice Blogger so I … Continue reading Real -The Red Lands Chapter 37

The Darkness Chapter 5

"Dave, you little shit! I heard you got detention today. Mom is soooo going to ground your little a%$." The front door barely slammed closed when the shouts came from downstairs. Zhang Mu searched through the broken memories to match the face to the voice. His step sister, a year older than him materialized in … Continue reading The Darkness Chapter 5

The Red Lands Chapter 37

It is amazing that when you think you are smarter than a person, that person has the same conception just like you. *** It's now been twenty years since that fateful day when Chu tried to convince Griz of a plan to make money. Twenty miserable long years. At first the man did not believe … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 37

The Darkness Falls -Chapter 4

"Yes! Finally I can understand the language of this puny world!" "Mr Kale, why are you jumping around like that. And what is that awful stench? Wait a minute. What is wrong..." Zhang Mu calmed himself and gave himself a look-over. The first level in cultivation was called the Gaining Insight. All levels consisted of … Continue reading The Darkness Falls -Chapter 4

The Red Lands Chapter 36

The story continues. Thank you for the comments so far. Please remember to take a moment and like or follow this Blog. If I don't get enough of them the Writing blood drops from my hands and I return to being a bony blood sucker. We don't want that do we. 😈 My aim is … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 36