Blog Setup

My apologies to the readers who follow this Blog. I was tinkering with the Blog quite often so the loading times may have been affected. I was acting like a kid at Christmas. Don't fret, just like that kid, the novelty wears off and then it becomes so, so mundane. Sorry for any problems, I … Continue reading Blog Setup

The Darkness Falls -Chapter 3

In a classroom a lone teenager was seated in the near middle of the empty room. In the front an old man with spectacles was pouring over a newspaper checking lottery numbers. Like most teachers, Mr Clark was trying to pursue a way out from this hell. He was banking on the lottery more than … Continue reading The Darkness Falls -Chapter 3

The Red Lands -Chapter 35

I am slowly starting to settle down after hustling over this Blog. The chapters are going to be coming out slowly but surely. These chapters are not going to be jammed pack with action and excitement. They are the kind that have to be written because it's the only way for me to build the … Continue reading The Red Lands -Chapter 35

The Red Lands -Chapter 34

Transferring documents, adding themes and other bits and pieces take time. I never knew that setting up a Blog was so much work. Sorry for the wait but I will try to get some chapters out as soon as possible. Please don't forget to keep using those like and sharing buttons.   This is me … Continue reading The Red Lands -Chapter 34

The Darkness Falls -Chapter 2

The bright light disappeared. Zhang Mu blinked as his eyes slowly became accustomed to his surroundings. Unfamiliar sounds and talking were coming from around him some relatively close by. It took him near five minutes to calm his breathing and mind. After that it was about ten minutes when the shock actually wore of. He … Continue reading The Darkness Falls -Chapter 2

Update on The Darkness Falls

This short story is just a Writer venting out his mind. It is just a small web novel that follows the plot of cultivation, transmigration and a worlds colliding / apocalyptic event. That's a lot of main plots all rolled into this tale, but it does make for a good read. Its one of those … Continue reading Update on The Darkness Falls

The Darkness Falls -Chapter 1

Lightning and Thunder flashed and rumbled around the lone peak of Mount Tian. The black storm clouds swirled around like a hurricane with no eye. The center of this world shattering storm was this Mountain, the highest and mightiest in all the seven continents. To be more specific in fact, the center was the lone … Continue reading The Darkness Falls -Chapter 1

The Red Lands -Chapter 33

Hurray, this is the first post on my new site. Please feel free to use the follow and like buttons. I want to make sure everything is working properly. Don't forget to add your comments. For the impatient ones don't worry Chu's journey is far from over. And the story continues...