Chapter 50 -Is this really a loss?

Is this really a loss?

On the same night they returned from the barn, Chu and the others were invited to Griz’s room in the Trading Lodge.

Currently the two of them were sitting across from each other with Simon, Ming and Clod standing at the side. Both were sipping watered down tea in bliss.

“Kid, I really don’t know what to say. I am starting to believe that you rubbed off some of the luck from your old man. That was one hell of a discovery.”

“Yes, yes. Stop trying to butter me up. Lets talk some business.”

Griz laughed at his reply. Right now he was to ecstatic to care even if the sky turned blue. oh wait it was blue. HAHAHA!

“You really can’t take a compliment can you. Because of you I now have to change my date of leaving this village. Tomorrow I will be heading out to Karst under the guise to replenish our stocks.

Overseer Pi has caught a cold so it’s a perfect opportunity for me. The rest of the soldiers from the Military are also leaving so I will have additional protection for free.”

Chu nodded in agreement. Currently only a very few individuals knew about this humongous wealth. It would be wise to get it out in secrecy.

“Karst has a small Tower Mage outpost. It doubles as a guild for those adventurers heading out into the wilds. Most likely they will send me to Limerock City to drop of the demon.

It’s the closest city and one that has a large Tower Mage presence. I estimate 4 days travel to Karst and about a week to Limerock. Two weeks after that, expect the news to spread like wildfire.”

Chu sighed like an old man.

“I take it you will not be coming back then?”

Griz pondered for a moment before replying.

“Given the enormity of this matter. I will have enough wealth and the favor of the Tower Mage association to gain a high position in Limerock. Unfortunately I am still short of loyal subordinates.

I am planning to remain in Karst for a few years before testing myself in the waters of a big city. When I leave tomorrow I will not be coming back to this place again.”

Chu understood Griz’s dilemma all too well. For a man like him who felt the pain of his family loosing their position in a city, Griz would not stick his head out on a block again. He cleared his throat and coughed. Ming quickly appeared at his side and gave him a scroll.

During the Winter spent in the village, the girls had continued to practice their writing and reading. They had even drafted Chu’s sister along with them.

Opening this scroll revealed some neat and well written words. The product of Sakura’s hard work. The contents were dictated by Chu.

“This is a list of what I want as per our agreement. Don’t worry I am not going over what we discussed that day.”

Griz took the scroll and poured through the contents.

“Hmm…you want the Title for that piece of land that barn is on? I can do you one better and get the lands at the back so you can have access to the road when you are ready.

Hmph, you still included the demand for books? Very well the best source of those items is from the Tower Mage association. They have the best libraries. I can get those books delivered to here at the Post once every month. Just come over and collect it.

Pshfffff! Cough, cough… Eight hundred gold? What the heck? Damn brat, you did some research on that corpse didn’t you! Very well consider it my gift to you for our relationship.

Hmm…what? You want somebody who had experience in Frost City? Preferably someone retired?”

Griz looked up from the parchment at the boy for clarification.

“Yep. I plan to restart a farm. With the threat of bandits gone for a long time, it is perfect for me. I still need to train myself and the others to defend ourselves.

From talking to those soldiers in the Military it seems that Frost City has a lot of retired persons who can help with this. I just need one such person who can be loyal to me.”

Griz leaned back in his chair in deep thought. What the boy said made sense, theses kids lacked the most basic of training. For this request he had to ensure the person was not someone to take advantage of the situation. That was the hard part.

Unexpectedly it was Simon who spoke first.

“I know a guy who was with me back in Frost City. Last I heard was that he was trying to set up a farm in a village between Karst and Limerock.

He had some training in the Military but left after he got injured. I can vouch for his character, he was always an upright and forward person. I don’t know if he might suit your needs though.”

Chu perked up and sat up on the chair.

“Oh, Why is that Mr Simon?”

Chu always maintained his respect for the old man unlike how he spoke to Griz.

“He was a mercenary who became a Sersen just like me. He joined the Military and served for a couple of years until he lost his arm and gained a crippled leg in an ambush.

He left Frost City soon after when a young noble tried to kidnap his daughter on the streets. That’s why I don’t know if he would suit you since he is in a kind of bad spot himself.”

Chu was jumping for joy on the inside.

‘Score! He struck Gold!’

Maintaining his stoic appearance he paused as if in deep contemplation.

“Hmmn…this person seems to fit the criteria for being honest and dependable. However…I don’t know…we really do need some sort of protection until we are able to fend for ourselves.”

Simon understood what the boy was saying. This person was a brother who fought with them on the front-lines. It would be perfect for him to join up with these boys. They were one of the most honest and daring kids he had ever seen.

What was the best thing about them was their complete trust and loyalty to each other. Their bond placed some mercenary parties to shame.

“He might have lost his ability but he is still a skilled marksman and can handle a sword better than most. He is also a dependable person even though he doesn’t have much experience in farming.”

Chu nodded slightly. If this new guy was half as loyal as Simon was to Griz, Chu’s plan would be running like a well oiled machine.

An awakened person with abilites was called a Sersen. Even though he had lost it, he should still be much more informed than others.

“Okay, if Mr Simon can vouch for him then let him come to the village. I will meet and speak to him then. If he suits the work I want to do then he can move across here with his family.”

“I will get the message out quickly. In a month he will be here. Trust me, both him and I will be grateful for this chance.”

Griz sighed as a load was lifted off his chest.

“That can’t be all you need right?”

Chu grinned

“When you settle down in the town I need you to send for some people. All I ask is that you find some odd jobs that can keep them well off. At least better than this village.”

“Eh? You planning on sending those little girls in your group?”

“No, I want to send my old man and my family. It’s just the three of them. All I ask is that you make sure they have a better life.”

Griz look at him as he sipped his tea. This boy never ceased to surprise him. Instead of grabbing the chance to leave the village, he gave it to his parents.

‘Was he filial or just an idiot?’

“Very well. As soon as I settle in the position of Master of Karst I will send for them. There are lots of odd jobs that I would need done. It would save me the trouble of finding loyal servants.”

“Good enough, just continue my sisters education. I will need her in a few years to help in some business.”

This was just Chu’s little method to try to make sure Griz kept his bargain. For him he considered himself having do more than enough for the previous owner of this body. He was certain that his family was going to have a much better life than before.

“Good then that’s all. If Mr Griz would place a seal and signature on this parchment it would be considered a done deal.”

Griz got a brush and some ink from a table and signed the paper. He then stamped his seal on it.

“Brat, you seem like I would rob you after all our business together. Tell you what, I will provide your farming equipment and tools for free. Just visit here when you need anything, the next Trading Post Master will be made aware of our agreement.”

Chu chuckled as he rolled up the paper. It was fine if Griz was going to provide some tools for free. His main interest never laid in settling down to farm.

He was interested in the world.



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