The Red Lands

The Red Lands


An unknown world filled with strange customs, stranger creatures and all alone. This is the situation the MC finds himself in the world of the Red Lands.

A journey across the Red Lands.

A story of being transferred to a new world.

If you are looking for a shocking OP character, this is not him.

If you are looking for a young master with abundant wealth this is certainly not it.

Maybe a poor slum child with a hidden past and bloodline. Poor yes, dirt poor. Full stop.

Incredible knowledge. Aside from some skills in business, nothing.

This is just a tale of an average individual trying to make the best of what he has.

The Red Lands.

An average human salary-man was transmigrated into the body of a boy from the slums. What made it worse was that it was a completely different world. Armed with only basic knowledge from his past life and nearly nothing from his present, he strives to survive.

Join him and his companions as they struggle across the Red Lands.

Curiosity can become a deadly driving force for any human being. It all depends on who is wielding it.

Martial Arts, Kingdom Building, Magic, Fantasy.


Chapter Index

Book 1-

  1. A Transfer?
  2. First Experience
  3. Selling a Plan
  4. The idiot’s guide to trapping
  5. Different worlds same merchants
  6. A New Helper
  7. Working Together
  8. Navigating the Slums
  9. House Hunting
  10. Preparing for the Winter
  11. Winter
  12. The Deer and the Bear.
  13. It all boils down to how you sell it
  14. Negotiation
  15. Ready to Expand
  16. The interviews
  17. Moving
  18. The new home
  19. Living a better life
  20. Returning to the village
  21. A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting
  22. Using a little experience.
  23. Best training is live training
  24. Trading in bulk
  25. A Flag, a stupid flag!
  26. Where fantasy becomes real
  27. An Ignorant Fool makes for a Dangerous Adversary.
  28. Revenge
  29. A Learning Experience
  30. Disaster
  31. The Awakening
  32. What is this?!
  33. More what is this?
  34. Its like a game of chess
  35. Questions and answers
  36. You need Gold to make Gold
  37. Conspiring all Around.
  38. Covering the bases
  39. The trade convoy arrives.
  40. The arrival of the Military
  41. Young Master Gofart.
  42. A window to the rich
  43. How to have fun
  44. Helping each other.
  45. A shocking development.
  46. Rise of the Heroes
  47. A Setup
  48. Willing to Stand a loss
  49. The Trading Post Master
  50. Is this really a Loss?
  51. Outline of a Plan
  52. End of the Story

Book 2 –

53. Introducing Mr Thomas Ex Awakened






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