The Red Lands Chapter 39

Sorry for not posting over the weekend lots of chores to complete. It's the only free time that I have outside of slaving for the boss. Cough, cough. I mean giving my all for the best company in the world. I think I will begin scheduling the releases to give me more time to review. … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 39

Real -The Red Lands Chapter 37

I apologize for being late in this posting today. I think my excuse is more valid than the dog ate my homework line. I had to perform the most contemptible task ever recorded in the annals of human history. I had to work. Thank you for those comments, I am a novice Blogger so I … Continue reading Real -The Red Lands Chapter 37

The Red Lands Chapter 37

It is amazing that when you think you are smarter than a person, that person has the same conception just like you. *** It's now been twenty years since that fateful day when Chu tried to convince Griz of a plan to make money. Twenty miserable long years. At first the man did not believe … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 37

Blog Setup

My apologies to the readers who follow this Blog. I was tinkering with the Blog quite often so the loading times may have been affected. I was acting like a kid at Christmas. Don't fret, just like that kid, the novelty wears off and then it becomes so, so mundane. Sorry for any problems, I … Continue reading Blog Setup

The Darkness Falls -Chapter 2

The bright light disappeared. Zhang Mu blinked as his eyes slowly became accustomed to his surroundings. Unfamiliar sounds and talking were coming from around him some relatively close by. It took him near five minutes to calm his breathing and mind. After that it was about ten minutes when the shock actually wore of. He … Continue reading The Darkness Falls -Chapter 2

The Red Lands Chapter 32

  So many questions, so little time. Will Chu decide to move to the city and chance it among the big boys? Will he invest in a library card from the Mage Tower? Or will he remain in the borders and live a life on the edge? AND what is that?! On a more serious … Continue reading The Red Lands Chapter 32